Thank you for reading Letters From the Desert. This post is public so feel free to share it. California (a love poem) I found myself free in you, you…
I am tired. The pending episode of the podcast is still unpublished, about two weeks after I’d hoped to publish it. Some of that delay is just normal…

February 2023

The Cronese Cat
The future might not be horrible. If we're lucky.
I began living in the desert full-time in 2008, leaving an established life in the Bay Area for one in the desert whose shape I had no way of telling…

January 2023

Departing from the desert for this one, as I’m thinking — well, moping, to be honest —about a family member who is feeling poorly of late. This piece is…
About ten days ago I was set to do a public reading of my work in progress “Forsaken.” I ended up postponing that reading in part because only a handful…
I have to admit it to myself: Heart is an old dog. She wasn’t old when I adopted her, and that was only eight years ago. I am still trying to wrap my…

December 2022

A private space for us to converse and connect
Geez, there are a lot of cobwebs in this place. Better open up some windows, let the air in. Cough. Howdy, everyone. This missive will be chattier than…

October 2022

I could do this for another hundred years, I think. Forty years ago I started traveling the West, shedding the profusion of greenery the eastern states…

September 2022

Trying to save the Pahrump Valley