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About Letters From the Desert

This is an email newsletter written by Chris Clarke, who lives in Joshua Tree, California with his ecologist-idealist wife Lara and their dog, Heart.

Chris has written for a large number of different venues including KCET TV in Los Angeles, where he was environment editor, Earth Island Journal (which he edited from 1999-2007), and his now-offline blog Creek Running North/Coyote Crossing. He also put in a few years as a nationally syndicated gardening columnist for the Knight-Ridder chain.

Chris, who is about to stop writing about himself in the third person, works these days to protect wild places in the California desert. I may use this newsletter on occasion to proselytize for the desert having intrinsic value independent of what it can do for people, or to ask you to call your legislators to defend that value. You have been notified. If you’d like to be added to a different email list more focused on desert activism, email me at

I cannot respond to every single email, but I do read them all and enjoy most of them.