Correction: Letter From The Desert re: Cadiz and SB 120

Apologies! There was a critical typo in the letter I just sent. The correct bill number is SB 120. I got it wrong in one spot, and correct everywhere else, so you probably figured it out on your own. But just in case:

Corrected passage:

Californians, call your assembly members and state senators ASAP to urge them to support SB 120 (Roth), which would prevent the Cadiz project from happening without independent scientific assessment of its potential to harm the desert. You can find out who your Assembly and State Senate reps are here.

Non-Californians, you can help by taking to social media and urging your Californian friends to call their reps. And anyone can tag important California reps, such as Senate President pro tem Toni Atkins, to make sure they see support for Cadiz is going to be toxic to future electoral aspirations.

Sample Tweet:

Our chance to protect our CA Desert ecosystem from the destructive Cadiz water mining scheme is coming down to the wire. We have just days to get #SB120 passed by the CA legislature. Please tell your representatives to support this important legislation. @SenToniAtkins #stopcadiz